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50% of Businesses That Fail

Do So in the First Year of Operation

Your Company Doesn't Have to be a Statistic.

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Businesses that are considered

"successful" fail every day.

Let's put a fresh set of eyes on your business.

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Smarter Growth™ Methodology

Results driven.

Sharply focused approach.

Creates a clear picture of your business.

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80% of Entrepreneurial Startup

Companies Fail in 18 Months or Less

We can help your new idea or early stage company survive with Smarter Growth™.

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55% of Business Crises

Occur When Management

Continues With a Strategy

That is No Longer Working.

We can help get your business strategy on the right track.

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We believe every business can have access to the benefits of Smarter Growth methods to help identify and develop significant opportunities to achieve higher levels of sales, profit, and overall process improvement.

Greater than 90% of companies are not getting desired outcomes from their business! Is that your story? Smarter Growth methods will change that...Why? Because they work! That's our story. Smarter Growth is a proven business improvement methodology that delivers desired results. Let's connect our story with yours and develop a plot for significant growth of your business.

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Our products are designed to allow you to drive Smarter Growth™.

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Business Consulting Services

Affordable and practical services that help your organization achieve Smarter Growth™.

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Commercial Development

From idea to commercial success and beyond - A pathway to Smarter Growth™.

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Sometimes it helps to put a fresh set of eyes on finding ways to grow. Wherever the issues lie we can help. Smarter Growth methods will help you create effective strategy; drive higher sales and lower costs through more efficient processes, thus achieving increased profits; and, develop highly motivated employees that strive for continuous improvement throughout the organization. Let’s move forward together and create new opportunities.

Even the best starting pitcher in baseball may need his bullpen in order to win. Cyanetix Group can help develop a new game plan for your team.